Have A Dog In Your Apartment And Still Keep It Tidy

Have A Dog In Your Apartment And Still Keep It Tidy

Living with a furry fellow is not as easy as living with your roommate. Your dog does not know much etiquette that can help your apartment stay in tip-top shape always. You need to do extra cleaning work at your Dallas rentals when you have a pet living with you. There are many ways to do all the chores fast and cheaply and we can check a few of them here to make it easier for you to enjoy life with your dog.

Dog’s fur flies in the air and gets everywhere. This can annoy you. But you have a solution. Brush your dog every day with a good brush that softly brushes your dog and does not hurt him. This becomes more important if you have more than one dog. The results can be amazing when you spend as little as five minutes a day on brushing your dog. This will clean your dog’s coat from the weak and fallen hair, and they all will gather in the brush. You will not find them flying all over the apartment and settling on the sofa, rug, and other furniture pieces. Reserve a corner for your dog brushing activity and spread a rug under him so that fallen hair do not spread in the apartment.

Apartments in Dallas allow pets like dogs and you can have a quality time with your faithful fellow if you just fix the way you live with him. For faster and more thorough cleaning, pick some Swiffer and go ahead with your entire unit cleaning. These grab all fallen hair and dirt, and your home will be fully clean. The whole cleaning takes a few minutes only because you throw away the cloth instead of washing it. For cleaning furniture and upholstery, get lint rollers and use them for cleaning the fabric from hair.

For odors from your pet, use baking soda in its powder form. Sprinkle it on the rug, carpet and all the upholstered furniture pieces. Leave the baking soda applied for about a couple of hours or overnight and then clean all the places with the vacuum cleaner. This removes all the bad smell from the fabric.

Spray a good smelling air refresher in the whole apartment after you have ensured that you’re done with the cleaning job. Apartment rentals Dallas stays spick and span with these little tips of cleaning your dog and your home. They also smell nice for long when you spray the air refresher. However, if you feel that some bad doggie odor is still lurking in the air, put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the environment. The vinegar will disappear from the environment and so will the doggie odor.

Keeping dogs is allowed in Dallas Texas apartments. But, sometimes accidents happen! In this case, clean the mess immediately as the longer it is left, the odor will reek in your apartment. Not only that, but it will also smear everywhere. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your fresh smelling apartment while still keeping your dog in your company.